Ready to Run a More Effective QBR? New Free eBook and Webinar

Amy Johnson

Amy Johnson
VP Customer Success, Clari

Ready to Run a More Effective QBR? New Free eBook and Webinar

On the Clari Customer Success team, we support and participate in dozens of quarterly business reviews (QBRs) with a wide variety of impressive sales leaders. And since “success” is right there in our name, we’d like everyone’s QBR to be as effective as the best QBRs.

So we’ve just released the latest in our “Great Managers are Always Getting Better” eBook seriesthe QBR Edition. We’ve created a set of tips tailored to different management styles to help you, as a sales manager, use QBRs to maximize revenue, improve forecast accuracy, and increase confidence in your region. Below is an excerpt and you can just click the link below for the full eBook. Enjoy … and let me know if we can help in other ways.

Great Managers are Always Getting Better
QBR Edition

Quick: what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of your QBR (Quarterly Business Review)?

If you’re a first-line manager, you probably remember being a rep. And that probably colors your answer. If you’ve experienced effective QBRs, you probably think pressure, commitment, and some drinking. If not, maybe you think paperwork, boredom … and some drinking.

We see QBRs as one of the three “management events” in sales, along with the annual kickoff and the weekly 1:1. Mastering these three is where enterprise sales managers rise above peers. The annual kickoff builds excitement, sets direction, and uses the comp plan to align company priorities with rep priorities. 1:1s between managers and enterprise sales reps are the other extreme, giving managers the pulse of key deals and becoming part of reps’ weekly selling routine. Your QBRs sit squarely between annual kickoffs and weekly 1:1s. Planning, but grounded in deals. Strategic, but with measurable success in just 90 days.

We want you and your reps to see QBRs as a secret weapon — a reason your region comes out on top quarter after quarter.

This eBook is what we’ve learned about making QBRs more effective — tailored to your management style.

And, if you want to know how to build an ultimate QBR dashboard  — join our webinar on Mar 31 at 10am PST.

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