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No Account Left Behind: How to Grow and Retain Your Customer Base

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Stephanie Glass
Director of Product Marketing at Clari



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Illustration of a laptop displaying a Clari report showing activity by account
Illustration of a laptop displaying a Clari report showing activity by account

You’ve identified the key target accounts that perfectly fit your go-to-market strategy. You’ve designed a go-to-market strategy to convert these accounts into new business or expand them to drive revenue growth.

But is your strategy working?

  • Can you tell if your sales team is actively working all of their accounts?
  • Do you know what accounts have become idle, with no response in the last three months?
  • What do you know about existing accounts facing renewals this quarter?
  • How many of your accounts haven't had a meeting with your team in the last three weeks?

Why does this information matter? Without it, deals slip, business is lost, and revenue targets are missed.

Tracking seller and buyer engagement at the account level gives you an early indication of how your go-to-market strategy is working beyond what’s available in your CRM. Based on AI insights about account engagement across emails, meetings, and files exchanged, you can reallocate accounts, adjust territories, and provide better coaching for your sales and customer success teams.

What does tracking account engagement look like across your revenue process?

All revenue teams can benefit from insights into account engagement. The impact of account insights touches the entire revenue process, from target to engage to close to expand.

Target: Operations

Creating a successful go-to-market strategy requires insights into account activity in real time. You need to understand where the gaps are in your current approach. Without the right tools, it is not easy to identify which reps have too many accounts, who needs more coaching, and where priority accounts are not getting coverage.

Real-time visibility into how your sellers engage with their accounts helps you identify these opportunities and risks. Once you establish the strategy, tracking account engagement in real time can drive marketing and field alignment with the go-to-market strategy throughout the quarter.

Insights into account engagement uncovers your blindspots. You can check resource allocation. You can leverage data to plan coverage. You can set your teams up for success.

Engage: Sales Development and Marketing

Driving engagement starts with sales development and marketing. With a focus on accounts, you can create personalized outreach, shorten deal cycles, and save money by directing resources to the right accounts.

To effectively run an account-based marketing strategy, sales development and marketing teams need visibility into activity across accounts to understand who is engaging in all systems. This strategy requires a smooth handoff with the sales team so you can easily sort accounts to understand who is engaging with sales development and marketing outreach.

Visibility into account engagement across the entire revenue funnel empowers sales development and marketing teams with key insights, starting as early as campaigns. Seamless integration with sales guarantees that your reps follow up on sales development and marketing engagements. You can easily track where they are spending their time so they can allocate resources to the right accounts.

Close: Sales

If you are a sales leader, you might find that your team often wastes time reporting the news in team meetings. Unfortunately, with the limited visibility that most CRMs provide into account activity data, you have to spend time on these updates. Before you know it, your team meeting or one-on-one is over. You have not strategized how to close any deals, you don’t know where your team is wasting their time, and you haven’t uncovered blindspots. Your team ends up focusing on the larger opportunities without building out a comprehensive account strategy to address all target accounts.

In addition, you struggle to identify coaching opportunities. Without insights into your reps’ activity, you don’t know who needs your support or where they can improve. Your team performance can easily slip.

Visibility into account engagement helps your team succeed. You can:

  • Identify risks in your pipeline and opportunities to accelerate revenue.
  • Ensure that all of your accounts are getting coverage and your team is operating in alignment with your go-to-market strategy.
  • Improve your team’s performance in real time.
  • Leverage the data to guarantee your team is working the right accounts and coach them to win.

Expand: Account Managers and Customer Success

The revenue process does not end with sales and marketing. Account managers and customer success teams also need to track customer and activity engagement data and insights. Without this knowledge, you can’t effectively manage your account relationships.

Visibility into account engagement ensures your team is focusing on key customer relationships to proactively mitigate churn risk. With this information, you can guarantee your account managers and customer success team are engaging with the right stakeholders and avoiding last minute fire drills before renewals.

Over time, account engagement helps your team pursue expansion opportunities in a more proactive and strategic way. Account insights provide immediate visibility into which products customers have and haven’t purchased, so you know exactly what to sell.

In addition, account managers and customer success teams can ensure they are prioritizing their time, finding a balance between helping small accounts and spending enough time with the largest upcoming renewals. Visibility into meetings and emails enables managers to see and track their teams’ activity.

By tracking account engagement, customer success teams can influence and drive both customer renewals and expansions. They easily know where to spend their time.

As you can see, account engagement insights enable revenue teams to successfully execute on their go-to-market strategy. No matter what role you are in, you can align your strategy with execution by eliminating the time teams spend tracking and analyzing data.

Introducing Clari Account Engagement

With Clari Account Engagement, your revenue teams know exactly what is happening in real time for all their accounts. You can align your go-to-market strategy with execution by managing and tracking seller and buyer activity on target accounts.

Powered by our Time-Series Data Hub, Clari’s Account Engagement combines CRM data with activity signals from email, calendar, marketing automation, and other business systems, providing a holistic view into every touch-point and the history of every account. You can understand how reps are engaging with accounts, which accounts have stopped responding, and what is the whitespace potential, so you can strategically allocate resources to drive higher customer retention rates and increase penetration into new accounts.

Bid farewell to days spent cobbling together stale activity data from spreadsheets and your CRM system. Instead, you are empowered to drive strategic alignment across the organization with visibility into what is happening now.

What Does Clari Account Engagement Offer?

Clari Account Engagement empowers your revenue team to align their activities with strategic initiatives. This solution provides you with a clear, continuously updated understanding of how your workforce is interacting with their accounts with AI insights including:

  • Account Heatmap. View activity for any given account so you can easily understand differentiate the healthy ones from those that need attention.
  • Engagement KPIs. Gain insights into your team’s activity patterns and performance benchmarks.
  • Territory Coverage. Track aggregate account coverage so you can optimize territory distribution and ensure all accounts receive enough attention.
  • Account Whitespace. Quickly identify accounts lacking recent activity so you can take the necessary actions to improve coverage.

This real-time knowledge of your team’s performance against your target accounts enables you to identify risks and opportunities before it is too late. You can ensure that your team is always on track to meet their number.

In this video, we share how revenue leaders can leverage account engagement to drive success across the entire revenue process. Watch now to learn more.

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