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Introducing Groove and Vidyard GoVideo Integration

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Illustration of a clapperboard for filming videos
Illustration of a clapperboard for filming videos

New partnership with Vidyard, the personal video messaging tool designed for B2B sales professionals

We're very excited to announce our newest integration with Vidyard, the personal video messaging tool designed for B2B sales professionals. You can now include videos in your Groove templates and send them out in your Flows! Instead of trying to cram all of the most relevant details into a concise email, this integration gives you the freedom to supplement a short email with an introduction video, a quick product demo, or maybe a customer testimonial.

"We care about helping our users stand out from the noise and drive more revenue," said Chris Rothstein, CEO and Co-Founder of Groove. "Our integration with Vidyard will open up a ton of possibility for our users to get more creative in their outreach, form better relationships with their prospects, and do their jobs even better than before."

"Today, we're thrilled to welcome Groove to our Vidyard GoVideo ecosystem," said Kevin O’Brien, VP of Business Development at Vidyard. "By combining our flagship personalized video messaging app, Vidyard GoVideo, with Groove's world-class sales engagement platform, users can seamlessly incorporate video into their existing workflows, bringing the power of personal video directly to their customers."

Until now, sales representatives were forced to switch between multiple programs and browser tabs to include a video in their outreach. With Vidyard's video tools available directly in Groove's platform, users can:

  1. Provide detailed, visual overviews of their product without sending lengthy emails
  2. Engage with customers in a more interactive, personal, and memorable way
  3. Enjoy a streamlined process to incorporate video, saving sales representatives valuable time
  4. Know when recipients open their emails and watch their videos so they can follow up at the right time, every time

This feature is enabled upon request; please ask your Groove admin to reach out to if you'd like to start sending videos in your Flows.