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Announcing the Groove and Highspot Integration

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Groove's mission is to help teams master their craft. A key component of this is removing friction from the workflows of sellers so that they can spend more time selling. This is where Groove's integration with Highspot comes in. As part of this new partnership, Groove users can now leverage Highspot's capabilities from directly within their Groove environment.

Highspot gives companies everywhere a powerful advantage to engage in personal, relevant buyer conversations and achieve their revenue goals. Groove's templates and drip campaigns allow reps to structure outreach and track engagement from prospects.

"Purchase decisions often come down to customer experience," said Jon White, Vice President of Product at Highspot. "The combination of sales enablement and sales engagement helps salespeople uplift their conversations with buyers, which not only drives revenue but builds lasting relationships."

Key benefits

  1. AI-driven content recommendations

    With the new integration, salespeople can spend time selling—not searching. Highspot's AI-driven content recommendations surface the most relevant assets for every selling scenario, enabling reps to efficiently and effectively engage buyers at every stage of their journey.

  2. Streamlined workflow

    Sellers can find collateral, copy links, send emails, and insert content stored in Highspot into Gmail or Groove Flows—all from within the Groove platform.

  3. Comprehensive analytics

    The combination of Groove and Highspot gives sales teams granular data to inform decisions and optimize processes. Groove provides insight around successful communication efforts, account engagement and the warmest leads. Highspot provides insight into content performance.

We're very excited for our customers to start using the Groove-Highspot integration, and to continue building meaningful relationships. For more details on how your team can start including Highspot content in Groove templates, please contact us!