Empowering Sales Teams Through User-Centric IT

Andy Byrne

Andy Byrne
CEO, Clari

Empowering Sales Teams Through User-Centric IT

We hope you’ll join us in a new movement to improve IT.

For any of us who create software, it’s a great day when a user says, “We love using your system.” And fortunately, we’ve had quite a few of those great days since launching Clari. In all we do, we’re committed to vastly improving our customers’ daily life. When we say our mission is to make enterprise software people love – not just use, but love – we mean it.

The good news is we’re not the only company with high standards. We have joined other industry leaders — such as Box, GoodData, Jive, Marketo, Okta, Skyhigh Networks and Zendesk — to drive a new movement called User-Centric IT (UCIT) putting users first and giving teams tools and information when, where, and how they want it.

The five core principles of User-Centric IT help people work better, faster, and smarter:
  1. User-Centric IT serves the business by empowering people.
  2. User-Centric IT adapts to the way people work, not the other way around.
  3. People, information and knowledge must connect in real time.
  4. Mobility is a work-style preference, not a device.
  5. Security should be inherent and transparent to the user experience.

As you know, our focus is helping sales professionals — likely to be the most mobile group in most companies. We make their life and work easier so they can be the growth engine for their organizations.

So for us, User-Centric IT means empowering sales professionals by adapting to the way they work — connecting reps to customers and managers, putting useful information  at their fingertips, and using data science to help them set priorities and execute the exact activity most likely to close a deal faster.

At the same time, we capture sales progress easily, and often automatically, to give critical visibility to sales management with minimal distraction for reps.

From the get-go, we’ve maintained a mobile first vision. Although UCIT principles talk about mobility as a work-style preference, we also know it’s a sales rep necessity because every moment a rep is waiting to get back to the office or dealing with admin instead of selling, a revenue opportunity is lost.

And because information on customers and most-effective sales practices are part of a company’s crown jewels, we’re also committed to the highest security standards to protect sales data without getting in the way of user productivity.
We encourage you to learn more about the User-Centric IT movement. And to learn more about how we can help your sales team, schedule a demo.

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