Empowering Sales and Opportunity to Close, Together

Cristina Wong

Cristina Wong

 Empowering Sales and Opportunity to Close, Together

Last week, we announced the launch of the Clari Partner Program, and, on behalf of the Clari team, we’re so thrilled to have CoastalCloud, Figur8, Force Management, Galvin TechnologiesMK Partners, Red Sky Solutions and Sales MEDDIC Group join us in the effort to transform the opportunity-to-close (OTC) process for sales teams!

What is the purpose of the Clari Partner Program?

The Clari Partner Program provides implementation and consulting services designed to extend sales execution and forecasting capabilities to sales organizations. Eight partners are joining the program, offering additional expertise and value-added services as Certified Implementation Partners and Sales Transformation Partners. As our CEO, Andy Byrne says, “Together we’re fueling the next wave of sales innovation and using AI-driven insights to improve sales execution for our customers throughout their opportunity-to-close process.”

What our Partners are saying...

“We chose to partner with Clari because our customers are looking for solutions that provide enhanced opportunity management, rigorous pipeline inspection, and efficient, accurate forecasting” 
— Tim Hale, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Coastal Cloud, Salesforce Platinum Consulting Partner

“AI is starting to transform the way sales teams work and make decisions...from opportunity scoring to forecast projections to prescriptive guidance, Clari is helping clients drive more revenue and improve forecast accuracy”
— Dave Stone, Senior Partner at Red Sky Solutions, Salesforce Silver Alliance Consulting Partner

“Our clients are looking for technology solutions to reinforce the sales process...we have been impressed with the people, technology and approach at Clari and are excited to partner with their team to help our joint customers drive success”    
— Grant Wilson, Managing Partner at Force Management

How can I learn more? 

Get the full press release here or visit the Clari Partner Page to discover more details. Look out for more blogs in the upcoming months, highlighting our partnerships with these great companies!

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