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Why the new look?

Andy Byrne
CEO, Clari

Why the new look?

Just about a year ago, we announced our Series D funding and shared our vision for Revenue Operations. We started with the insight that revenue is a process that can be measured, controlled, and optimized just like any business process.

Since then a lot has happened. When Covid-19 hit, our customers had to quickly take stock of every deal, territory, and account in their business. They needed to understand the absolute truth of their situation, and they needed to know it fast, so they could take action quickly and position themselves for success.

Since last spring, we’ve seen our usage numbers soar off the charts. Thousands of revenue teams use Clari at every level of their organization to actively manage the future of their business. We’ve had more in depth conversations with CEOs, CFOs, and CROs about how to best optimize their revenue process over the last six months than over the past two years.

Executives and boards need revenue confidence now more than ever.

Through this experience, it’s become clear to us that revenue success relies on these two principles: clarity and precision. No one understands this better than Clari’s customers.

Bringing these two ideas together was the inspiration for our new visual identity, which I’m excited to share with you today.


This is more than just a new logo. This rebrand represents a deeper understanding of what revenue teams need to achieve success. You’ll see this change in our communications, our prospect engagement and customer training, and in the design of our product.

As you look from left to right, our new logo represents an eye telescopically looking into the future. The reverse perspective, looking right to left, shows that same vision focusing on a single point of absolute truth and accuracy.


We built Clari with the mission of making the revenue process more connected, efficient, and predictable. Over the course of this year, we’ve come to understand that our role is to be the source of clarity and precision that are the heart of that world class revenue process.

Clarity means understanding what’s going on in your business. Not just how a rep is selling, but how accounts are performing. How equitably and effectively are territories being worked? Where are the opportunities and risks? How accurately can you predict where you’ll land?

Precision means establishing systems and cadences that make exceptional execution a habit, whether those are forecast calls, pipeline reviews, one-on-ones, QBRs, or team meetings. It’s knowing exactly where to deploy resources, how to spend your time to achieve the greatest revenue impact, and exactly how to take action.

In the coming months, we’ll share more innovations that give you the visibility and execution insights to know how your business is performing at every level, with the precision to integrate that performance insight directly into your go-to-market strategy so you and your team can take the right actions to meet your targets, at every level in your company.

Stay tuned. There’s so much more we can accomplish together.