Clari Mobile: Now Simpler, Faster, and Smarter

David Bao

David Bao
Former Employee

Clari Mobile: Now Simpler, Faster, and Smarter

Here at Clari, we’re all about keeping an open ear for how to improve our product. We’ve gathered a lot of great feedback from all of you who use our mobile app on a daily basis; certain things you loved, certain things you couldn’t figure out, and certain things that weren’t working well.  Above all, we heard one request loud and clear — make it even simpler and easier to use.

Today, we’re proud to announce the new Clari app — your sales life, distilled to its essence.


We’ve optimized the design to make it easier to get to everything you need:

Upcoming Meetings

Clari will automatically scan your calendar to find customer meetings for the upcoming week. Ahead of each meeting, you can check on recent news, your last emails with the customer, and more so you can put your best foot forward. 


Deals to Update

Don’t let anything slip through the cracks!  Clari will help you to clean up overdue deals, add notes after meetings, and update other deals that need your attention.

Saved Views

Get instant access to your Starred Opportunities and any of the customized views you created in Clari Web.

If you haven’t already, be sure to upgrade to the latest version from the App Store or Play Store!

Of course, there’s more to come from us in the future... we’re continuing our mission to make your lives even easier and let you focus on selling. Stay tuned for even more great updates from us!

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