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Clari Had Me At “Remarkable”​

Peter Kopp

Peter Kopp
Former Employee

Clari Had Me At “Remarkable”​

Clari CEO and founder Andy Byrne is fond of saying, “The only thing we have to do is be remarkable." It sounds like a tall order, but remarkable is something everyone at Clari aspires to achieve — and from what I’ve observed in my short tenure, they’re crushing it.

So, what does it really mean to be remarkable? The Cambridge dictionary defines it as “unusual or special and therefore surprising and worth mentioning.”

For me, remarkable means pushing myself daily to do my absolute best for my customers and prospects, and my colleagues at Clari. It means making an extra call, sending another email, and digging a little deeper to truly understand the needs of the people I sell to — walk in their shoes, see what they see, and really get a handle on what they hope to accomplish. It means being hyper-focused on delivering tangible business value.

Like most good sales people, I’m curious by nature. I like to know how and why things work, and I also like to know why they sometimes don’t work. That’s probably why I’ve always been drawn to software. It exists to solve business problems. And, once in a great while, software goes a step further and not only fixes what’s broken but creates new opportunities too.

I joined Clari back in January of this year, but prior to that I was a Clari customer. That’s when I got my first taste of remarkable. I experienced firsthand the impact that this simple, yet powerful, software solution had on the sales operating rhythm of our company.

Being able to update all my CRM data and forecast from my mobile phone easily saved me three to four hours a week. It also changed how I approached pipeline revenue and forecasting calls. I no longer had to build PowerPoint presentations to share quarterly performance details with my team, or waste time creating a narrative around why each deal did or didn’t close. Everything I needed was right there in Clari — accessible in real time.

As someone who’s worked in sales for 20 +years, I can tell you that this tool was a game changer for me. No more presentation decks, no more spreadsheets, and no more keying in deal data day after day after day. That’s “unusual or special and therefore surprising and worth mentioning.” Yeah, it’s pretty remarkable.

Over the course of the last few years, I’ve seen more and more of my sales colleagues take new positions and immediately call Clari because they knew it would help them develop the rigor they needed to consistently hit their numbers. I knew I wanted in.

I wanted to be a part of a company that’s solving the real problems every sales team faces. Clari’s helping sales leaders convert the black art of opportunity management and forecasting into a transparent and data-driven process. In short, I’m totally sold on Clari. Are you?

If you’re someone who aspires to be remarkable, and you’re looking for your next play, Clari’s hiring.

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