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Clari from Home: Save Time Inspecting Deals on the Fly

Kyle Rutter headshot

Kyle Rutter
Senior Sales Director

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Like many of you, ever since we received directions to work from home, my calendar has been full of video calls. Luckily we’re able to work from home, but all of those Zoom calls take up a ton of time, which means I’m not always able to get to the things I used to be able to during the day.

One of the things that tends to fall by the wayside are manager/rep 1:1s, even though inspecting your pipeline is more critical now than ever before. However, with Clari, managers can turn their hour long 1:1s into 5 minute strategy calls — or even inspect their reps’ pipeline on their own time in between meetings or after hours without their rep.

This simple change has given me more time to get everything done and be more productive. Take a look at how I do it with Clari here:

For more insights on how to inspect deals and better understand the true health of your pipeline, read:

Clari from Home is a new series where our revenue experts will be sharing their tips and tricks to getting the most out of Clari — and how you can do the same to be the most efficient and effective you can be.