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Clari from Home: De-Risking in the Time of Coronavirus

Michael Kenney

Michael Kenney
Director of Sales, Commercial Central/West

Clari from Home: De-Risking in the Time of Coronavirus

Coronavirus has created a lot of change in the world; one of the biggest for revenue teams is budget cuts due to economic impact. This has made us reevaluate our deals on a sliding risk scale — deals we thought were on firm footing a month ago might not be now.

Creating this scale, and then building a dashboard in Clari so we can easily stay on top of where we have sales pipeline risk and where we need to spend extra time at a glance. I’m able to quickly identify things like:

  • Which accounts engaged with us over the last week
  • Where we have future meetings set
  • Which deals are at risk of slipping
  • And where I can find opportunity to backfill that deal

All without having to pick up the phone and distracting my reps for 2-3 hours at a time.

Take a look at how I do this with Clari here:

For more insights about how to evaluate pipeline risk and better understand the true health of your pipeline, read:

Clari from Home is a new series where our revenue experts will be sharing their tips and tricks for getting the most out of Clari — and how you can do the same to be the most efficient, effective, and remarkable you can be.

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