January 31, 2017

Clari and Slack Make It Easy for Enterprise Sales Teams to Collaborate on the Right Deals

Kurt Leafstrand

Kurt Leafstrand

Kurt Leafstrand
Kurt Leafstrand

VP Products, Clari

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At Clari, we are obsessed with transforming the way our customers sell, make decisions, and grow. Today, I’m thrilled to introduce the integration of our Sales Execution and Forecasting platform with Slack, which furthers our mission by enabling enterprise sales teams to easily collaborate on the deals that matter most — so they can close more of them faster.   

For the past four years, we’ve been laser-focused on building software that salespeople love to use and applying artificial intelligence to solve some of the biggest challenges they face in navigating the critical opportunity-to-close process. For the sales teams that we support, Slack is increasingly where they’re collaborating across the sales org, and engaging other teams to get the support they need to get deals done.

Through our integration with Slack Enterprise Grid, Clari will feed personalized sales insights through an intelligent bot (named ClariBot) which serves as a smart personalized sales assistant for every rep, manager, and exec across the sales organization. Here are just a few examples of how the Clari-Slack integration will help them beat their number:

Sales reps will be prompted to take the right actions with key prospect accounts. For example, if the champion associated with a key deal that a rep has forecast to close this quarter hasn’t engaged in the past few weeks, Clari might prescribe a follow-up action or urge the rep to get a next meeting scheduled. 

Reps will also be reminded to update specific information on the opportunities they’re working to improve data quality that feeds other important processes (like forecasting).  

Sales Managers and Execs will be alerted to critical deal activity. Managers will receive alerts in their Slack channel when there have been updates to key deals and when important prospect meetings are about to take place, so they can prioritize their time and focus their coaching efforts.   

Clari’s ability to tie together both CRM data entered by the rep along with their live email and calendar activity means it can intelligently discern what’s important (a late-stage meeting with a high-value customer) from what’s not (weekly drinks with the sales team) without any human input or guidance.

Through machine learning, we have a deep understanding of the needs of what each rep, sales manager, and exec cares about, so they can feed specific insights into each Clari user’s Slack channel based on what would be most helpful to them. This makes ClariBot the smartest sales bot for Slack. And ClariBot is learning and getting better every day.

The integration is available today. Customers interested in taking advantage of the integration can talk to their Clari Customer Success rep or click below to install. 

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