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Clari from Home: Benchmark Rep Performance with Real-Time Data

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Clari from Home banner featuring a photograph of a revenue leader high-fiving a kid at a desk
Clari from Home banner featuring a photograph of a revenue leader high-fiving a kid at a desk

Right now, we’re missing ‘the pit’ a.k.a the sales floor where the hum of calls, chats about deal strategy, and the familial competitive environment electrifies the air.

For those of us who thrive in competition, benchmarking performance is a key way to measure growth. Something I do in many aspects of my life. From working out, to my water intake, to my sales activity during COVID — tracking it all helps me stay on target and ensure I’m using my time to reach my goals. It’s all about capturing that data!

If your revenue and sales teams are anything like ours at Clari, you’re all about leveraging data in order to benchmark performance and help your teams focus on impactful work. Benchmarking has always been at the core of highly successful teams, and right now it's more important than ever.

Here’s the reality:

  • Executives need detailed, real-time sales pipeline visibility.
  • Managers and Marketing need to know which accounts are being touched and where they should strategically allocate efforts.
  • Sales teams need help prioritizing and benchmarking their work to ensure, even at home, they are staying on par — or ahead — of their peers.

In our current work from home world, sales leaders aren’t able to tap into the hum of the sales floor, but still need to help their teams easily benchmark progress, focus efforts, and foster that competitive camaraderie.

Instead of leaning on siloed spreadsheets that equal hours of manual reporting for your team, let’s explore how Clari can help! In this Clari from Home, I share with you how I leverage the Team Activity module to benchmark my performance against my peers — without having to log in any extra data.

Take a look at how I benchmark myself against my peers through Clari here:

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Clari from Home is a series where our revenue experts will be sharing their tips and tricks for getting the most out of Clari — and how you can do the same to be the most efficient,effective, and remarkable you can be.