A New Era of Predictive Analytics for Sales

Andy Byrne

Andy Byrne
CEO, Clari

A New Era of Predictive Analytics for Sales

Predictive analytics for sales is entering the mainstream.

This week, we had the incredible pleasure of announcing how four industry leaders — VMware, Box, Juniper Networks and Five9 — use Clari across their global sales organizations to drive more revenue and increase forecast accuracy.

For me personally, this is thrilling… and a little emotional.

Why does this announcement mean so much to me? Because we moved from vision to reality. From idea to value.

Back in 2013, working through late nights in our CTO Venkat’s chilly garage with a core team of like-minded dreamers, two core beliefs pushed aside everything else. First, we believe a special team with the right idea can change an industry. Second, we believe that idea is: predictive analytics will change enterprise software forever. 

Then the work began.

Fast forward to 2015. In a single week, we get to announce four companies using Clari every day to grow faster. And not just any companies. To prove predictive analytics could change enterprise software, we had to serve industry leaders. We had to solve thorny problems for notable companies admired for innovation and execution.

The broad adoption by these companies validates our belief in predictive analytics. And it validates our trust in the power of an extraordinary team.

What do VMware, Box, Juniper, and Five9 get by using Clari every day? What happens when you use predictive analytics to turbocharge selling?

  • For sales reps, Clari delivers actionable intelligence (e.g., hot customer news, social updates by champions, relationships going stale) to help close deals faster.
  • For sales managers, Clari exposes at-risk deals to guide coaching and resource allocation — clear visibility into deal progress means more-effective selling and greater revenue.
  • For execs, Clari delivers forecast confidence. That confidence comes in the form of insight about deals, best practices, and rep behavior. But the bottom line? Confidence.

Obviously, I’m calling out the power of predictive analytics because I hope you’ll ask yourself whether it can boost your team’s results… and help you elevate your own gut instincts (check out Gut 2.0 for my take on how predictive analytics can make every one of us better personally.) But I also want you to sense the pride and joy I feel in linking arms with an incredible team to bring an industry-changing idea to life. It’s early, but it’s real.

Prediction-powered enterprise software is the future.

Let’s finish by looking under the covers at how these four exceptional companies use predictive analytics for sales today. 

VMware Takes Action Based on Prescriptive Insights

The VMware Networking & Security Business Unit (NSBU) considers predictive insights powered by data science to be a secret weapon. John Jendricks, NSBU VP of Business Development and Operations at VMware, told me, “My team never had the data to deliver accurate forecasts before using Clari. Now, execs drive more revenue by knowing what deals need more support.” Jendricks didn’t have to convince his team to use Clari. It is so easy and the value is so clear, it spread organically through the team.

Box Forecast Accuracy Improves by Combining Analytics with Mobile

Box has mobility at its core. So Box sales execs want to know what actions sales reps take while still on the road. Clari’s mobile app not only saves time for reps by making CRM updates quick and easy, it also delivers instant visibility into deal progress to managers, so they can offer real-time coaching and timely forecast updates to the executive team. Data-driven technology empowers the Box team to elevate their productivity and deal visibility.
Juniper Networks’ Managers Become Better Coaches

Eddie Mello, Senior Director of GTM Operations at Juniper Networks, can see into tomorrow. 

He recently said to me, “Data is at the center of the future of sales.” We share his vision. With Clari, the Juniper team is living that future as managers have new visibility into where reps need more guidance and can evaluate the pipeline strength across the entire team.

Five9 Increases the Bottom Line

With predictive analytics, the regional sales VPs at Five9 have more accurate forecasts, early warnings to save at-risk deals, and insights into the most effective ongoing sales strategies. VPs are able to manage bigger teams while using the most effective strategies to increase revenue.

Data gives execs, managers and reps the real-time insight to be more effective and drive more revenue. If, as Eddie at Juniper says, data is “the future of sales,” that future is coming faster than you might think. It only takes five minutes to see your pipeline in a new light that exposes at-risk deals and helps you nail your number. Please give us a chance to show you.

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