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In the Groove: An Interview with Caroline Holt, EVP of Revenue Enablement, EVERFI

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Image with Groove and EVERFI logos

Groove recently sat down with Caroline Holt, EVERFI's EVP of Revenue Enablement, to learn how her team is using Groove to make reps more productive, effective, and happy. Check out her responses in the Q&A below.

Why did you choose Groove?

What our reps was looking for was a way for them to track email, figure out what everyone was using, and be able to send out great content. What I was looking for was a solution that would enable them to work out of where they work, which is their inbox, as well as for us to be able to see the analytics on what was working and what wasn't. Groove was able to provide both.

How does Groove bring value to your organization every day?

Groove provides awesome value for us. Namely, it gives us great access to information and analytics, but it also provides the ability for us to bring engagement content into Salesforce. Because our reps are able to live out of their inbox, they are able to update opportunities and see what's working with other prospecting customer emails every day.

How has Groove improved your day-to-day?

There are so many benefits I get from Groove. The first is that it's seamless with Salesforce. That was a big benefit to us coming into this and continues to be. So, we use a lot of custom fields, and that's one of the things that's really easy. When we update something on our end, it's seamless with Groove.

Second, it's just really intuitive. It fits into our reps' workflows. We have two parts of the business that use this extensively, and it fits us both really well. Third, it was really easy to use out of the box. Our CSM is just awesome. I really valued the setup and implementation process. You took a lot of time with us in the beginning, which means that we have users who adopt, they use it regularly, and they find lots of value—and I get lots of great value from the reporting.

How have your reps benefited from Groove?

We have about 200 users across our organization who use Groove and love it. The reasons that they love it: First and foremost, they're operating out of their inbox. So they find that they're able to get access to the information they need really easily and when they need it. This is great for new hires. It's great for tenured hires. It's great for new content that's being produced.

Second, they love to see who's opening it and then really use that to capitalize on that momentum and reach out to those folks quickly. The other big piece that they comment on regularly is how much time they save in terms of the back-and-forth with prospects and customers on the calendar function, which they love.

How has your operations team benefited from Groove?

There are two great benefits that we've seen for admins from Groove. One is the reduction in API calls. One of the things that we found with our prior provider is that the number of calls back and forth were really expensive for our business. And then two, we've seen incredible increases in forecasting accuracy. Because our reps are working out of their inbox, it's really easy for them to make updates and then that information gets back to Salesforce. So we get much better visibility into what's actually happening with those opps.

What's your favorite thing about Groove?

My favorite part of Groove is the calendar feature, because I can put 10 people on my side in the meeting, send it off to a prospect or customer, and it's so easy for them to figure out a time that works for them.

How do you see Groove as a valued partner?

I value Groove as a partner because you value me as a partner. I find that my interactions with support, my teams, interactions with support, with our CSM—you all are really great at meeting me halfway on everything. So, whether I have a challenge that's bubbled up from my team that you all look into really quickly and try and solve or something that I’m trying to do strategically, I've always found Groove's sales, customer success, and support teams to be just tremendous in being super responsive and helping with whatever we need.

What was it like getting started with Groove?

One of the differentiators for me about Groove is how you approach a SaaS setup. I think for a lot of technology providers, we have a great and awesome long sales process, then we get into implementation, and we get a to-do list, and maybe we don't always get through it. I've found Groove to be exceptional at laying out exactly what we needed to do and who needed to do it. And so, within less than 30 days, we were already seeing value from the platform, which is awesome.

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