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Clari Align Adds Consistency and Control to B2B Buying and Selling

Headshot photograph of Kevin Knieriem, EVP and Chief Revenue Officer at Clari

Kevin Knieriem
CRO, Clari



Ready to take your revenue to new heights?

Stylistic illustration of circles along a line to represent a Clari Align mutual action plan
Stylistic illustration of circles along a line to represent a Clari Align mutual action plan

In the B2B world, buying products and services is often difficult and chaotic. Stakeholders come and go, initiatives change, timelines shift, attention wavers, and needs vary from company to company, deal to deal. That is the reality for buyers today, and that is the environment your sellers must navigate.

Sellers struggle to adapt to this rapidly changing reality, resulting in deals slipping out of quarter, inaccurate forecasts, and poor resource allocation.

So the question becomes: what can you do about it? How do you get buyers and sellers on the same page? How do sales stages and buying criteria merge? How do you foster collaboration and best practices at scale when every deal is unique?

The answer to seamless buying and selling is simple—all you need is Clari Align.

Clari Align: Where success is mutual

Today, we launched Clari Align, the only solution that unifies buyers and sellers to realize value across the entire customer lifecycle—ensuring a path to mutual success. 

This is bigger than email, slides, or traditional collaboration tools. It’s full transparency and visibility into the status of every deal across your entire book of business. Clari Align fully integrates with the tools you already use and invites every member of your revenue team to walk in lockstep with their buyers. Everyone is executing towards a common goal. 

Clari Align offers mutual action plans (MAPs), digital sales rooms (DSRs), and buyer collaboration. It serves as the meeting point between buyers and sellers to move deals forward, engage necessary stakeholders, and anticipate roadblocks before they pop up down the road.

Illustration of a Clari report showing a mutual action plan

Build your process with your buyer

Not all buyers think the same way. Some are innovating quickly and are aware of the problem but are less sure how to implement a solution. Some are well-versed in procurement and have a set implementation plan to follow. With Clari Align, buyers and sellers collaborate on a MAP built around a shared goal and plot the most straightforward steps to achieve it. 

That shared goal (also known as the MAP’s Value Proposition) provides an opportunity to create a mission statement or deal charter in collaboration with your buyer. Think of it as a North Star as you determine the terms of your engagement and how to measure success, even after the deal is closed. Keep the conversation and deal moving forward with a collaborative timeline with corresponding milestones, and adapt the MAP to fit the needs of your buyer’s internal process. 

Illustration of a mutual action plan

Standardize your process with templates

Depending upon the deal’s size, complexity, and duration, your revenue teams likely have their own tailored approach. Balancing a standardized sales process with the custom needs of each buyer is a tall order. Clari Align offers a set of out-of-the-box MAP templates with predetermined milestones that can be applied to new buyers, adjusted to match the needs of the deal, or create a new one for the team. 

Sellers can work with their buyers using templates that address the milestones required for the deals they encounter. Together, they can adjust these templates to match the buyer’s needs or create new ones to share with the seller’s team and improve internal processes.

Illustration of milestones in a mutual action plan

Streamline handoffs for implementation and post-sales support

Make sure a healthy customer lifecycle and positive buyer experience continue long after the close date. Clari Align allows your sellers to invite post-sales and implementation partners to the deal before their support is requested. They can build rapport with the buyer ahead of schedule by interacting directly in the MAP. Rather than chasing down wayward email threads, newly-invited teammates can get up to speed on the roles, responsibilities, and existing documentation by referencing the Org Chart and Library features. 

Illustration of a report showing headshots of the buying and selling team involved in a deal

Achieve mutual success with Clari Align 

With Clari Align, you can easily craft a tailored process for every deal. Your sellers will know exactly how—and why—your buyers purchase. And your buyers will have full confidence in your sellers and processes, so they can make smart, swift decisions.

Clari Align represents modern collaboration. Your next step towards predictable, repeatable revenue. 

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