Clari Copilot’s conversation intelligence platform gives reps and managers everything they need to compete fiercely, spot revenue leak, and close deals faster.

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The most efficient revenue teams have Clari Copilot

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Get actionable alerts when it matters

Stop listening to endless call recordings and sifting through dashboards. Clari Copilot proactively surfaces deal-changing insights like potential blockers, competitor mentions, and next steps, so you can make smart decisions in the moments that matter most. 

Copilot Smart Summaries product screenshot

Power revenue workflows with generative AI

RevAI in Copilot delivers conversationally formatted call summaries, next steps, and suggested actions, right in Slack. Or you can use it to automatically condense lengthy enablement material into concise battlecards. Your reps will save hours, make strides in their outreach, and nudge deals to close, faster.

Copilot Game Tapes product screenshot

Turn your B players into A players

Real-time battlecards and monologue alerts in Clari Copilot help your reps navigate objections with ease while game tapes let them cherry pick and learn from winning behavior. And managers can say goodbye to 100s of hours of call shadowing because with scorecards and trends you can review, score, and track call performance faster than you can say “put it in commit”

Clari Copilot UI

Run revenue all on one platform

Scattered data and multiple tools leads to fragmented and broken revenue processes. With Clari and Clari Copilot united on one platform, you can inspect deals with rigor, forecast with accuracy, and run revenue on one platform.

SOC 2 Type II Certified and GDPR Ready

Operate with enterprise grade security

We’re SOC 2 Type 2 certified and GDPR ready. Manage your org with role-based access, single sign on, and active recording consent. We’ll lock your stuff up and throw away the key… JK.

Simple. Scalable. Straightforward.

Like how pricing should be. Choose a plan that fits your bill, and get going in 15 mins (or less). 

All plans include 20/5 support, Office hour webinars, Mobile App, Academy access

Plans Accelerator Enterprise
Billed annually $1,080/year/rep $1,320/year/rep
Perfect for: For teams looking to replicate winning behaviors and coach at scale For sales teams looking to unify all the systems they use to run revenue
The nuts & bolts Accelerator Enterprise
No.of meetings/user/month Unlimited Unlimited
Activity dashboard    
Call data storage & retention 3 years Custom
Conversation Intelligence Accelerator Enterprise
Call sharing    
Call snipped creation & sharing    
Custom bot name    
Smart Summaries (powered by RevGPT)    
Speak & talk-time detection    
Comments on calls    
Private calls    
Game tapes    
Games tapes Analytics    
Custom topic tracking    
Sales coaching & performance Accelerator Enterprise
Monologue alert    
Voice-triggered battle cards    
Smart follow-ups (powered by RevGPT)    
Smart battlecards (powered by RevGPT)    
Team insights dashboard    
Avg. call duration    
Talk: listen ratio    
Longest monologue    
Interactivity scores    
Call filter and alerts    
Customized call scoring  
API Access  
Pipeline Intelligence Accelerator Enterprise
Deal central dashboard    
Advanced filters for deals    
Deal intel from calls, meetings & emails    
Win/loss insights    
2-way CRM sync with custom fields    
Competitive intelligence    
Security & permissions Accelerator Enterprise
Role-based access control  
End-to-end data encryption    
Google Auth    
GDPR Compliant    
SOC 2 Compliant    
Integrates with tools you love and use
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Photograph of a revenue leader checking a Clari report on a mobile phone
Overpaying for your call recorder?

Clari Copilot gives you CI purpose-built for running revenue at a price your CFO will love.