Clari Commissions Study Showing How Revenue Operations Technology Drives Business Growth

59 percent of companies embracing Revenue Operations & Intelligence technology experience improved win rates; 53 percent report revenue expansion with existing customers

SUNNYVALE, CA — AUGUST 11, 2021— Revenue Operations leader Clari released a commissioned study by Forrester Consulting revealing that Revenue Operations & Intelligence (RO&I) technology is a key driver of predictable business growth and top-line results.

Research findings from 327 revenue and sales operations executives showed that companies that create new levels of visibility, orchestration, and alignment across the key processes of the revenue engine are able to more effectively deliver on their company-wide strategic initiatives to drive predictable revenue at scale. The responses indicated that RO&I technology is essential to customer retention, driving revenue process optimization, forecasting accuracy across businesses and market expansion.

According to the study, "Meeting growth goals requires a combination of accurate revenue forecasting and optimized revenue processes. Unfortunately, most firms are lacking in both, as many customer relationship management (CRM) systems, business intelligence (BI) tools, and manual spreadsheets lack the visibility, automation, real-time data, and insights needed to optimize the revenue engine. To fill such gaps, revenue operations teams are turning to a new category of solutions that help optimize the performance of the revenue engine."

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Key findings:

  • Meeting growth goals requires an optimized revenue engine. Companies using RO&I technology are seeing significant optimization benefits with 59 percent seeing improved win rates and 53 percent reporting increased net dollar retention through customer renewals and expansion.
  • RO&I technology drives business predictability. Companies using RO&I technology are nearly three times more likely to forecast with more than 95 percent accuracy on a monthly time frame, and more than twice as likely on a quarterly time frame. That level of predictability has a significant impact on executive perceptions of operations reliability, allowing leadership to make strategic decisions and investments with confidence.
  • RO&I technology drives improved revenue growth. RO&I technology allows companies to achieve their growth objectives by delivering a common view of the drivers of revenue performance that create alignment, accountability, and cross-functional collaboration. Companies adopting RO&I technology are reaping the benefits, with 41 percent reporting major quantifiable revenue benefits, and 69 percent seeing revenue benefits overall. 

"We believe Forrester's research confirms what forward-thinking CROs already know: Revenue operations technology is no longer a nice-to-have, but a must-have,” said Kevin Knieriem, Chief Revenue Officer, Clari. “Companies that embrace this new model will achieve faster, more predictable growth."

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