Clari Launches Integration Hub to Help Enterprises Optimize Time to Revenue

New integration hub brings together all revenue-critical teams, systems, and signals, driving greater collaboration and faster time to revenue

SUNNYVALE, Calif. — March 15, 2023 — Clari, the leading Revenue Platform, today announced the launch of the Clari Integration Hub, a centralized resource that captures and organizes revenue-critical signals from more than 40 integrated technologies and solutions across the revenue ecosystem. Clari's Revenue Platform curates and surfaces these signals to help drive the actions that generate revenue.

The explosion of revenue technology over the last few years has had unintended consequences. Revenue leaders are so buried in new sources of data that they can't find the signal in the noise. They spend countless hours in decades-old legacy systems—CRM, spreadsheets, business intelligence tools—wasting precious time and missing revenue-critical moments. As a result, the average company leaks 14.9% of its revenue, according to Clari's data scientists.

Stopping revenue leak requires bringing together all revenue-critical employees—across sales, marketing, customer success, finance, operations, and more—to collaborate on and govern every component of the revenue process. The Clari Integration Hub unites these cross-functional teams and the best-in-class systems they use, bringing all revenue-critical signals into the Clari Revenue Platform, helping everyone in the enterprise take swift and timely action in every revenue-critical moment. This allows for the full and fast capture of revenue, predictably and repeatedly.

"Optimizing time to revenue is achieved when people, processes, and systems work seamlessly together," said Andy Byrne, CEO at Clari. "This means discovering blind spots, aligning tools and processes, and ensuring always-on collaboration between teams. Clari is revenue's most open and collaborative platform that, together with our strategic partners, delivers a centralized revenue cockpit with unprecedented visibility to capture, analyze, and act on all revenue signals—in the revenue-critical moments that matter most—so you can stop revenue leak in its tracks and accelerate time to revenue."

Connecting revenue-critical teams and systems

The Clari Integration Hub unites industry-leading partner solutions and best practices across the end-to-end revenue process to optimize and accelerate time to revenue. New or enhanced integrations with key partners include:

  • Gainsight: Users unlock account health data to spot risk and opportunity and help ensure long-term customer success.
  • Crossbeam: Surfaces the partnership landscape with sellers, allowing them to leverage all available points of influence to drive more revenue, faster.
  • Momentum: Integrates with Slack-based notifications to provide instant visibility to changes in critical deal attributes, fostering improved revenue collaboration.
  • Groove: Leverages sales productivity data to inform future touchpoints with customers and ensure revenue precision.

"More than ever, pre-sales and post-sales teams must be in lock-step across the entire customer journey," said Nick Mehta, CEO at Gainsight. "Aligning customer success and revenue operations teams and systems is critical to staying on top of customer satisfaction, adoption, and value creation—helping to keep existing customers while also spotting land-and-expand opportunities. By integrating Gainsight with Clari, we're helping our customers execute a dual retention and expansion strategy that maximizes revenue."

"Crossbeam and Clari share a vision around ecosystem-led growth, the importance of collaboration across revenue-generating teams, and how partner networks are key to accelerating time to revenue," said Bob Moore, CEO at Crossbeam. "The more you can embed partnerships into your GTM motions, the closer you’ll be to multiplying your revenue channels and maximizing their outputs."

Clari's integration strategy aims to support all revenue-critical employees, featuring existing and forthcoming integrations with partners across 15+ core revenue categories and use cases, including:

  • Collaboration: Momentum, Slack
  • Conversation Intelligence: Clari Wingman, Gong, Chorus
  • CRM: Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive
  • Customer Success: Gainsight
  • Database: Amazon PostgreSQL
  • Dialers: Aircall, Dialpad, Freshcaller, Outreach, RingCentral, Salesloft
  • Ecosystem Intelligence: Crossbeam, Reveal
  • Email/Calendar: Google Workspace, Microsoft Exchange
  • Enablement: Highspot, Showpad
  • Engagement: Groove, Outreach, Salesloft
  • Enrichment: Clearbit
  • Incentive Management: Spiff
  • Identity Management: Okta
  • Intent: 6sense
  • Video Conferencing: BlueJeans, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom
  • Win/Loss Analysis: Clozd

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