Clari Doubles Its Customer Base in EMEA as Enterprises Consolidate on the Clari Revenue Platform to Run All Revenue Workflows

Customer demand for the Clari Revenue Platform surges following acquisitions of Wingman and Groove.

London, UK – Nov. 14, 2023 – Clari, the leader in Revenue Collaboration & Governance, has doubled its customer base in EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) as enterprises are increasingly consolidating on the Clari Revenue Platform to run their end-to-end revenue process. Following Clari's acquisitions of Wingman (June 2022) and Groove (August 2023), adoption of the Clari platform in EMEA has surged as customers seek a single enterprise-grade platform to manage all internal and external revenue workflows—including revenue forecasting, sales engagement, conversation intelligence, deal management, mutual action plans, and more.

ARM, Elsevier, Pearson, MHR, Ardoq, and Bynder are among the new customers that have recently signed on and are using Clari's platform to gain unprecedented visibility, predictability, and control over the entire revenue process. Clari now operates in 18 countries throughout EMEA, serving a growing roster of midsize and enterprise customers across industries, and expects its rapid growth and expansion to continue.

"Revenue is the most important business process at every company, and we're thrilled that more and more enterprises across EMEA are embracing the Clari platform to help them run it that way," says Kathleen Hartigan, Group VP International Revenue at Clari. "Companies want to reduce tech spend and complexity while shrinking time to revenue and accelerating growth—and we're helping them do so without compromise. We're excited to get the Clari platform into the hands of even more revenue teams to help them stop revenue leak and drive faster and more predictable revenue results."

Businesses are seeing huge revenue benefits by bringing together all revenue-critical employees—across sales, revenue operations, marketing, customer success, finance, and more—to collaborate on and control every component of the revenue process for execution at scale. By managing revenue as an enterprise-wide process and not as a single departmental function, companies are able to spot opportunities, mitigate risks, and win every revenue moment.

Sam Sutton-Reid is the Director of Revenue Operations at Pearson. He tells us that adopting the Clari Revenue Platform produced immediate results.

"We went from having no idea of our forecast precision to hitting 97% accuracy within one week of using Clari’s Revenue Platform," he said. "Thanks to Clari, we are now able to automatically capture every revenue-critical signal to power a more intelligent revenue process. Clari does the hard work for us, eliminating manual entry, cleansing information, and matching it back to our records."

Replacing outmoded technology like CRM systems, spreadsheets, and business intelligence tools with a consolidated platform, purpose-built to run revenue, makes sense for any business, says Kathleen.

"Clari powers every revenue-critical employee and workflow, stopping revenue leak and accelerating time to revenue," she says. "As a result, customers consistently achieve substantial improvements across key metrics, including 24% increases in win rates, 10% fewer slipped deals, 12-fold increases in forecast accuracy, and 80% improvements in productivity."

Today's news follows closely on the heels of Clari opening a new R&D center in Kraków, Poland.

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