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New at Dreamforce: Sales Ready AI™

Cornelius Willis

Cornelius Willis
CMO, Clari

New at Dreamforce: Sales Ready AI™

I joined Clari last month, and it’s been amazing. Clari is so central to our customers’ businesses. Getting the forecast right and hitting it consistently is really at the core of any commercial enterprise- it impacts investment, the supply chain and dictates hiring, marketing and countless other functions. I knew Clari changes the game for revenue operations, but nothing prepared me for what I’d find when I started meeting with Clari customers.

I’ve done marketing in companies large and small. It’s fair to say that my colleagues in sales leadership are often pretty stressed out, “pushing the string” on deals through customers’ internal processes.

The hardest part.. they just don’t know where opportunities really stand, but are constantly asked to put their reputations and livelihoods on the line and forecast their business.

It’s doubly hard, because all they really have to work with is third hand anecdata. CRM systems are no help -- deal data is missing, out of date, or non-existent. Sales reps don’t (and in fact shouldn’t) spend their time filling in forms and updating opportunity data.

Consequently sales teams operate like ships sailing through fog with no radar. Deals that are supposed to close this week close next year, or evaporate completely. Bluebirds show up the day the quarter ends. Whales disappear over the horizon, never to return. Bottom line: trust nothing, and no-one, even your own team, until you’ve cashed the check.

It’s no wonder sales leaders are stressed and it’s also no wonder that most reps aren’t meeting their expected earnings.

Clari’s customers operate differently. They know where their business is heading. Because Clari automatically captures deal activity and updates CRM systems so reps don’t have to, leadership has real data to work with. Clari continuously analyzes over 41 million deal cycles each day, and uses the resulting custom models to provide more accurate forecasting than any other method.

With this increased visibility sales leaders can lead rather than interrogate. They can call their number far in advance, and with much greater confidence. And because Clari is designed by sellers, for sellers, crucial sales processes like 1-1’s, QBRs and forecasting are streamlined and more productive.

We’re introducing this combination of sales-friendly workflow and predictive analytics at Dreamforce this year. We call it Sales Ready AI™, and we’re featuring it in ads all over San Francisco. We’re letting some of our hundreds of customers tell the story for us- look for their stories on digital billboards all around the event.

If you’re attending Dreamforce, come get a demo at our booth (#1614) or attend the session led by our CEO, Andy Byrne, on Wednesday at noon in Moscone West called “How Unicorns Use AI to Become Public Juggernauts”. We’ll be sharing some of the details on how high velocity companies like Nutanix, Zoom, and Okta manage their revenue operations differently because of Clari.

Here’s the full list of our Dreamforce activities. Schedule a briefing, stop by our booth or come to our joint party with Marketo. We’d love to see you!

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