Clari Announces DealPoint Acquisition and New Features to Help Sales Teams Win More Deals.

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Make revenue predictable.

Clari’s Revenue Operations Platform automatically gathers data from across your organization—everything from emails and meetings to marketing campaigns and CRM data—then uses its AI to create dashboards and execution insights. Clari aligns your revenue team with efficient operational cadences for forecasting, 1-1s, pipeline reviews, QBRs and renewals and expansion. The result? Predictable revenue, quarter after quarter.

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Revenue is a process. Run it like one

With the right visibility, you can manage your revenue operation with predictable certainty. Use Clari to standardize your revenue process for all your lines of business, giving you full visibility and accountability across every team in your revenue organization.

Clari gives us an X-ray on our business. Everyone who touches revenue uses it—it's required equipment.

Todd McKinnon
CEO @ Okta


Make forecasting  accurate and easy.

Clari automates time-consuming forecasting tasks by continuously rolling up forecasts across every rep, region, overlay, channel, and product line in your business. Clari’s forecast is backed up by actual deal data, so you and your company can use it to make critical strategy decisions. Whether you have 5 sales reps or 5,000, Clari’s forecasting is the fastest, easiest, most flexible and accurate in the world.

Pipeline Management

Know what you’ve got, and how much you need.

Clari gives your team a comprehensive, moment-to-moment understanding of your pipeline, so you can see which transactions make up your inventory, what coverage each segment and territory has, and how much more you need to make the number in current and future quarters. Clari instantly shows you what’s changing and why, so you can quickly spot risk and take action.

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Revenue Intelligence

Unlock your data. Deliver results.

Clari tracks the complete history of all your revenue data—from CRM, emails, meetings, call logs and everything in between—and uses AI to transform that stream into total visibility and valuable insights. You can see what’s going on at every level- in your deals, your accounts, your territories and across your business, so every leader and team member knows how and when to take action.

Unify revenue stakeholders with a single source of truth.

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Operations Leaders

Get the automated reporting and workflows needed to streamline, scale and standardize forecasting and revenue cadences.

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Sales Leaders

Get visibility and control to make teams more effective and drive predictable results.

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Finance Leaders

Get transparency and insights to build confidence in the forecast and be an effective partner for the revenue team.

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Great companies use Clari

A community of thousands of revenue leaders—and growing

The world’s best companies depend on Clari’s Revenue Operations Platform to deliver predictable results.

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