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Data Science, Insight, Action.

Clari delivers predictive sales analytics to give execs and managers new visibility into forecasts and at-risk deals, combined with insights and tools for reps in the field to take immediate action.

"With Clari, I have a data-driven lens showing me areas where beating street expectations is at risk – whether I’m drilling into reps and deals or looking across territories and quarters."

Chris Klapprott, VP of Worldwide Sales Finance & Operations, Aruba Networks

Predictive Analytics

Objective, validated probability of deal success:

  • Data science and machine learning analyze deal activity, CRM updates, and milestone progress to confirm confidence and expose risk.
  • Actionable insights help managers and reps focus on the tasks required to close deals faster.
  • Exposure of deals-at-risk helps sales teams set priorities and hit revenue commitments.

"Before Clari, forecasting was a spreadsheet nightmare. With Clari, what used to take days now takes minutes. The accuracy is game changing for execs, making it clear they're on top of their territories."

Jeff McKittrick, Director of Sales Enablement, Cisco

Forecast Management

Unprecedented visibility, control, and insight from territory to globe:

  • Eliminate Excel hell: a live, shared, action-oriented roll up–always up-to-date, always accurate.
  • Not just a number or account name: complete history, sales activities, and data-driven close probability with a single click.
  • Transform your forecast from a static report to a catalyst for 1:1 discussion on selling priorities and strategy.

"The beauty of Clari is our reps actually use it because it helps them sell, and their use delivers new insights that allow management to focus on the right deals to close and drive more revenue."

Sudheesh Nair, SVP of Worldwide Sales & Business Development, Nutanix

Mobile Sales Productivity

Focus on what matters – with more time selling and less time on admin:

  • Activity tracking prevents customer and deal follow-up items from slipping through the cracks, making reps more productive.
  • Better meeting prep in a fraction of the time: a single tap delivers deal history, relevant sales documents, and even prospect news.
  • Slash or eliminate CRM update time as Clari captures key information automatically or with a simple tap between meetings.

"This is the central hub for our 1-on-1s. Whether we’re mobile or at our desks, it is the best way to stay on top of everything with one single view via Clari."

Doug Landis, VP of Sales Productivity, Box

Team Communication

Spend your precious time on what matters tomorrow instead of what happened yesterday:

  • With full account history in a single view, skip the play-by-play and focus how to get the deal done.
  • Data science highlights committed deals still at risk, driving priority discussions.
  • Complete 1:1s anywhere, with full account detail at your fingertips.

"Before Clari, figuring out what was working (and what was not working) in the field was incredibly hard. Now execs can easily see the sales patterns that drive deals faster. They know exactly what works and can repeat the process at scale."

Shawn Mobley, VP of Sales, UnitedHealthCare

Best Practices

Complement your experience and gut instinct with data-driven tactics to close more deals, faster:

  • Machine learning analyzes CRM and email activity from successful deals help you build repeatable sales best practices for your entire organization.
  • Defining key milestones lets you quickly on-board and train new reps and ensure they’re setup for success.
  • Deal Accelerators make it easy for reps to update their deals on the go, which gives managers the data they need for a better forecast.