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Jeremy Kirsch
Clari is the next generation in sales management. We chose Clari because the intuitive visuals give me, and my line managers, amazing insight into our entire business in seconds. We could never get this visibility from our CRM alone.
Jeremy Kirsch, EVP and GM, Worldwide Sales
Allen Kobayashi
Clari provides a comprehensive sales management experience with enhanced clarity into opportunity activity, deal stage and forecast levels. Most importantly, Clari saves time for our reps and leaders because the system is on-the-go, giving them more time to sell and more time to devote to Medallia's prospects and customers.
Allen Kobayashi, VP of Sales Operations
Randy Potts
Increased visibility pipeline, and the lifecycle of the opportunities within it, is mission-critical to our business as we try to forecast our performance and efficiency. Clari helps me track and monitor the inner workings of our pipeline much easier and helps me understand which deals are really tracking towards a predictable win. We need that visibility to both drive and report on our business.
Randy Potts, SVP of Sales
Ari Klionsky
Clari gives us real confidence in our forecasts. Clari's Dynamic Forecasting provides both a top-line number and its underlying components. With that valuable insight, sales management knows exactly where to focus.
Ari Klionsky, VP of Sales Operations
Stephanie Sahr
Visibility and confidence in deals is critical for our executive and management teams. We were sold on Clari after other customers described their ability to use the Clari deal score to accelerate sales cycles and identify deals that could be pulled in earlier.
Stephanie Sahr, Director of Global Sales Operations
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