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We care deeply about increasing sales productivity across all our customers. Clari's unique deal and relationship centric approach to their app is another great example of ground-breaking mobile experiences being built on top of the Salesforce platform.

Clarence So Executive Vice President of Mobile

The Clari solution is clearly focused on an underserved area in the CRM marketplace and addressing one of the largest unmet needs in sales today. We're very excited about what they've built."

Shawn Mobley VP, Sales

There's never been a tool like Clari to show me how deals are progressing in the field and how my reps are engaging with customers. Our sales reps are much more productive & our sales managers have new visibility into deals that allow them to more effectively close business."

Adam Aarons SVP, Sales

In my entire career, I have never seen anything quite like the Clari solution. It truly has the potential to change the CRM landscape in a meaningful way."

Jim Walsh Vice President, North America Sales

With Clari, I have a data-driven lens showing me areas where beating street expectations is at risk – whether I’m drilling into reps and deals or looking across territories and quarters."

Chris Klapprott Worldwide Sales Finance & Operations

The beauty of Clari is our reps actually use it because it helps them sell, and their use delivers new insights that allow management to focus on the right deals to close and drive more revenue."

Sudheesh Nair SVP, Worldwide Sales & Business Development

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Clari is quickly becoming our 'go-to' mobile solution for our reps & managers in the field. The teams love it and the new visibility it gives us into how deals are progressing is 'must-have' for our sales execs."

Adam Gerlinger Director of Sales Operations

Anyone looking to get more from the CRM needs Clari. Clari cracked the code on how to deliver more sales productivity to reps in the field."

Eddie Mello Sr. Director GTM Operations

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