Sales Reps

More Time Selling. Less Time Updating.

The Problem: Time-Stealing CRM Updates

Updating the CRM steals selling time. And its not helpful when CRM makes reps jump through 20 clicks just to document deal status.

Our Solution: Automatic Data Capture

Clari automatically captures deal progress and customer communications to slash updating time. When your input is needed, Clari asks questions you can answer with a phone tap instead of wasting a day in your basement. Clari even helps with meeting prep — showing the last email thread, documents, open support cases, and even news to spark conversation.

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The Problem: Missed Quota

When sales reps fail to meet their quotas, companies lose millions in revenue.

Our Solution: Actionable Insights

With actionable insights, the chances of missing your quarterly number decrease. With Clari, sales reps get new insight to focus on the right deals at the right time. The Clari Score shows at a glance which deals are on track and which are at risk — and why. You can decide when it's time to double down to bring in a key deal ... and when it's time to push to next quarter.

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The Problem: Time-Consuming Forecasting

Sales reps spend too much time forecasting and fail to provide complete data, while sales management struggles to understand forecast accuracy and lacks the information necessary to judge the raw forecast.

Our Solution: Eliminate Excel Hell

With Clari, reps get out of Excel hell. Their managers always have the latest version and can easily apply overrides. And the forecast is tied to individual deals. So as reps and managers strategize, they can drill down on deal activity, customer engagement, and a data-science score showing the probability of success.

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