Sales Operations

Tools and visibility for proactive, strategic sales support

The Problem: Excel Hell

Juggling forecast spreadsheets from the whole team always falls to Ops.

Our Solution: Live Shared Roll up

With Clari, you eliminate Excel hell with a live, shared roll up that's always up-to-date and ready for analysis and overrides. And the forecast is tied to individual deals. So you can drill down on deal activity, customer engagement, and a data-science score showing the probability of success to pressure test the plan.

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The Problem: Unresponsive Sales Analytics

When sales management asks a question, you don't have time to ask IT for a new report.

Our Solution: Flexible Visibility

Clari sales analytics delivers new, flexible visibility into your deals, pipeline, and rep and customer communication flow in seconds, with a simple click and no help needed from IT.

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The Problem: Low Confidence in Best Practices

With hundreds of deals across dozens of regions, your intuition could use some help. Deals have patterns. Reps have patterns. Try using Excel for pattern matching.

Our Solution: Build repeatable sales best practices

Clari's Machine learning analyzes CRM and email activity from successful deals help you build repeatable sales best practices for your entire organization. You'll now design and train on best practices based on every deal and every rep, not just the five or ten you work personally and can keep top of mind.

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