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The Problem: Poor Deal Visibility

Staying on top of every deal in your territory can be a frustrating grind, but it's critical to your forecast overrides.

Our Solution: Real-time Deal Visibility

With Clari, you have real-time visibility: every deal change, all your rep's and customer's communications, progress through milestones, next steps, and more. Clari data science even gives you the probability a deal will close ... and why ... so you can spend your time on the deals that matter.

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The Problem: Rep Coaching Without Deal Context

Manager 1:1s with reps can become hours of play-by-play with too little time for strategy coaching.

Our Solution: Skip the play-by-play

Clari shows you deal changes and the communication flow between reps and customers — every meeting, email, and more. So you can cut the play-by-play. And tools like the Deal Priority Matrix, Connect, showing the probability of winning each deal versus where reps are spending time, highlight which deals need extra guidance.

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The Problem: Mysterious Forecast & Pipeline Changes

Do you know why your Commit changed? Sales Pipeline is a mystery and you can't pinpoint why the pipeline is changing so much over time.

Our Solution: Know exactly what's moving

As a manager, you jump from deal specifics to big-picture forecast changes daily. Clari shows you what's moving — which Commit deals slipped? What in Best Case is looking better? You can even drill into the deals driving the moves. And you're back to deal specifics!

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