Sales Executives

Visibility. Control. Confidence.

How Clari drives forecast calls
for Juniper Networks

The Problem: Inaccurate, Time-Consuming Forecasting

Typical forecasting is unreliable, time-consuming, and filled with spreadsheet version hassles.

Our Solution: End-to-End Forecasting

With Clari’s end-to-end forecasting, execs have more timely and accurate forecasts, deal-specific insights to support smarter overrides, and early warning on deals at risk.

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The Problem: Poor Pipeline Visibility

We’ve all got Excel reports. But they don’t show pipeline health. Do they use hardcore data science to tell us which deals will close, and which to push to next quarter?

Our Solution: Visualize Your Dream Pipeline

With Clari, you see your pipeline as you’ve only dreamed in <2 minutes. Our configurable dashboards deliver at-a-glance clarity into the health of your entire business — whether you'll crush this quarter and whether your pipeline sets you up for next quarter.

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The Problem: Disappointing Sales Productivity

When you can’t get a read on the status of a deal or reps lack access to the updates they need, it’s no surprise that things can quickly start going south.

Our Solution: See More than the “Rear-view Mirror” Deal Details

What if you could increase your rep count by 10-15% with no budget increase? That's what productivity improvements from Clari can mean. Clari combines mobile convenience, sales-savvy design, and predictive data science to increase sales team productivity while giving execs unprecedented visibility into field activity and deal progress.