Pipeline Inspection

Clari Pipeline Inspection delivers unprecedented insight into deal progress and rep activity so you know not just where a deal’s been, but where it’s going.

Analytics are inherently visual and interesting!
See snapshots over time to see trends in your commit and pipeline. Crucial insight typically unavailable in your CRM.
Top Deals
Keep track of your team's top deals by keeping them in view...along with predictive analytics to know which are at risk.
A simple matrix maps the likelihood a deal will close against where reps are spending time.
And we automatically capture activity data from email and calendar to show you where reps are spending their time
We use data-science and two years of your history to give you a simple, tailored 1-100 score showing the probably a deal will close as a win.
Drill down to any level of your sales team to see changes.
Each flow line shows what portion of each deal type — Commit, Best Case, or Pipeline — has moved where.
A click on any flow line shows underlying deals. The goal is action, whether an alert to Commit deals being pushed in time to save them or commonalities among Pipeline deals coming in early.