Forecast Management

With Clari, your forecast isn't just a number. It's your action plan.

Learn more about Sales Forecasting in 2 minutes

Real-time rollups
Using real-time rollups, managers and executives can break down and understand the impact of every change on forecast
Track every update
See exactly how a region’s forecast evolved over the quarter and who still needs to provide an update
Seamless integration
Don’t get stuck trying to compare a forecast to stale, static data. We are live from Salesforce in real-time - so you always have an accurate view of the deals that back up the forecast
On the Go Updates
View, enter and update your forecast on the go
Comprehensive, up-to-the-minute sales forecast view to track against your quota
Easy Access
Provides full visibility into all of your teams’ forecast updates and deal activities
Compare the forecast to your current pipeline to know if you have enough pipeline to meet your goal.
Figuring out how to make your number has never been easier: with a simple slider, test the results of closing different percentages of your Commit, Best Case, and Pipeline.