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We're very proud to partner with leading enterprise companies to shape the future of sales analytics, rep productivity, and improved forecasting.

Clari Success - Aruba Networks (HP Enterprise)

Chris Klapprott, VP, Worldwide Sales Finance & Operations at Aruba, describes how Clari allows their sales team to easily access their...

Clari Success - Box

Doug Landis, VP of Productivity at Box, describes how Clari helps drive a productive forecast conversation and helps management understand...

Clari Success - Cisco Systems

Jeff McKittrick, Director of Sales Enablement at Cisco, describes how Clari gives their sales team a rave experience focused around...

Clari Success - Denis Murphy, VP WW Sales at Nimble Storage

Denis Murphy, VP WW Sales, describes how Clari makes it very easy the Nimble Storage sales team to get on...

Clari Success - Juniper Networks

Mike Gilley, VP of Sales at Juniper, describes how Clari drives his forecast calls and has become part of the...

Clari Success - Marc Loney, Regional Director at Nimble Storage

Marc Loney, Regional Director at Nimble Storage, describes how Clari has become the lifeline to how he runs his business....

Clari Success - VMware

Rod Stuhlmuller, Director of Product Marketing at VMware, describes how their early adopter sales team love the ability to make...

Why Try Clari - Box

Doug Landis, VP of Sales Productivity at Box, explains how Clari saves your reps a tremendous amount of time, gives...

Why Try Clari - Cisco and Nutanix

Rickie Goyal, Director of Worldwide Sales Operations at Nutanix and Patrick Piwowarczyk, Sr. Director of Global GTM Capabilities at Cisco...

Why Try Clari - Nimble Storage and Juniper Networks

Adam Gerlinger, Sr. Director of Sales Ops at Nimble Storage, and Eddie Mello, Sr. Director of GTM Operations and Juniper...

John Jendricks
Before Clari, we never had the data — let alone the analytics — to deliver accurate forecasts. Clari’s data science scoring helps my team identify the deals that need additional support and execs trust.
John Jendricks, NSBU VP of Business Development and Operations
Ari Klionsky
Clari gives us real confidence in our forecasts. Clari's Dynamic Forecasting provides both a top-line number and its underlying components. With that valuable insight, sales management knows exactly where to focus.
Ari Klionsky, VP of Sales Operations
Debra Estrada
Understanding what’s happening in our sales pipeline on a daily basis is critical to forecasting accurately. After looking at several solutions, we decided that Clari gives us the insight and analytics we require to be agile, informed and expedient in our decision making.
Debra Estrada, Sr. Director, Global Sales Operations
Eddie Mello
With Clari, Juniper’s sales managers quickly assess where reps need more guidance and tap into the platform’s predictive analytics to steer them in the right direction. Managers can spot which deals are moving (and which are not), monitor outreach response, and evaluate pipeline strength across the entire sales team.
Eddie Mello, Senior Director of GTM Operations
Juniper Networks
Chris Klapprott
With Clari, I have a data-driven lens showing me areas where beating street expectations is at risk – whether I’m drilling into reps and deals or looking across territories and quarters.
Chris Klapprott, Worldwide Sales Finance & Operations
Aruba Networks
Nimble Storage
Mobile Iron
Juniper Networks
Palo Alto Networks
Good Technology
Aruba Networks
System Maintenance Services
Violin Memory
Blue Coat
Cisco Systems