Digital Transformation

Future–proof your
sales team

Leading companies have transformed their approach to selling and serving customers with cutting-edge software, and a more innovative revenue process that drives sustained growth.

This is digital transformation for sales.

Align your execution with your company's strategy.

Use Clari to set goals and track your progress against company–wide strategic KPIs, such as new segment penetration, product launches, and integrating acquisitions. Now you can assess the health of your revenue engine, develop and optimize new digital strategies, and then execute and monitor results.

Stop interrogating. Start strategizing.

Clari’s predictive insights and shared real–time analytics make your team more productive. No more hours wasted on spreadsheets, stale data, or tedious data entry. Every one–on–one, forecast call, and pipeline review becomes more efficient and streamlined, so you can focus less on interrogating, and more on strategizing—and winning.

Spot pipeline risk and upside in real–time.

Get a real–time look at which deals are moving, stalled or at risk, and use those insights to coach reps to success. All changes to sales opportunity data are instantly reflected, so you're always looking at the most accurate representation of your pipeline.

Prioritize the right deals and know exactly where to run plays.

Make your pipeline discussions actionable with AI–based insights. Clari’s arsenal of data visualizations allow sales leaders to gain different views of key deals and KPIs at every level of your organization—so you can prioritize deals based on concrete data.

For the first time, your CRM data is complete.

While reps spend a considerable amount of their time on data entry, roughly 70% of the buyers they meet with aren’t logged in a CRM. Reps aren’t neglectful—they’re facing an impossible task. Clari solves this by using AI to automatically capture all your sales and activity data, so reps aren’t wasting time on unproductive manual entry.

Clari reduces time spent on manual data entry by 80%.

The result? Reps get over 20% of their time back, which they use to engage with customers and close more deals. That’s like having an additional day each week for selling—and these time savings can be realized within minutes of implementing Clari.

Identify trends and provide better coaching.

Use historic analytics to identify patterns—so you can see what’s working, what isn’t and how to improve moving forward.

Quarter Replay

Quarter Replay

Study how the previous quarter played out—at every level of the organization.

Quarter-Over-Quarter Comparison

Quarter-Over-Quarter Comparison

Know if you’ll hit your numbers based on historical conversion patterns.

Team Coaching

Team Coaching

Analyze activity trends—from the VP of sales down to individual reps.

Clari provides the most accurate view of our business—pulling signals not only from CRM but also email, calendar and our customer messaging platform.

Clari enables our reps to be CEOs of their territories. AI insights guide reps to focus on the highest value–add activities so they can call their number with confidence.

Ready to see how Clari can help with your digital transformation initiatives?

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