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Sales Forecasting

Forecast every part of your business with confidence.

No more spreadsheets. No more guessing games. Call your number based on real-time data, predictive insights, and forecasting processes used by best-in-class companies.

Land within 4% of your forecast—on week one of your quarter.

Line graph of forecast call, AI projection, and quota over bar chart titled, How is this quarter playing out? Stylized product screenshot of Forecast Status report showing Renewals with Target, Forecasted, and Forecasted Renewals Rate Set sales goals and track progress.
  • Predictive Forecasting

    Pressure-test your call and see exactly where you’ll end the quarter with Clari’s incredibly accurate AI-based projection.

  • Adaptive Revenue Metrics

    See what matters most for your business with a real-time view of your revenue health indicators.

  • History Tracking

    Easily track important changes to the forecast—like who changed their commit since the last call.

Stylized screenshot of My Forecast report showing incomplete, update required, and complete

Create consistent processes that improve how

everyone executes.

Forecast with uniform, integrated, and transparent processes used by the most successful growth companies in the world—for better accuracy and consistency. Visibility into their entire team's roll-up allows your frontline managers to easily prompt reps to update their forecast. The result? More productive teams and increased forecast accuracy across the board.

Clari helps teams win more.

Clari customers have increased their win rate by 7% in their first year and 15% by their second year, on average.

Forecasting that flexes with your go-to-market strategies.

Forecast in quarters or months, by product line, by channel, or however your business runs. Clari adapts to your unique sales process to make forecasting seamless.

Stylized screenshot of VP North America Forecast report showing New Business with Plan, Booked, Hard Commit, and Open Pipe

Roll up multiple forecasts

Create forecasts for different revenue segments—from net-new and renewal to product lines and accounts.

Stylized screenshot of My Forecast report on a phone showing primary forecast, quota, closed, hard commit, and upcoming meetings

Mobile forecasting

Update your forecast from anywhere in the world, and see results in real time.

Stylized screenshot of deal inventory showing $42,510,000 hard commit, $41,200,000 team forecast, and three example deals for Data Center, US IT Expansion, and Hardware Upgrade

Deal inventory

Identify where you have risk and upside with easy access to all relevant deals that make up your forecast.

Clari has become ingrained in the fabric of our revenue process. Visibility into deal inventory across territories helps us execute swiftly and decisively.

Matt Weil
Vice President, Worldwide Sales, Highspot

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