Mutual Action Plans

Improve win rates with customer collaboration

A mutual action plan documents the collaboration between a buying team and the selling team to achieve their goals. Mutual action plans ensure your entire revenue team is in lockstep with the extended buying team, driving best-in-class sales execution and more predictable revenue.

Execute your best revenue cadence

Customer needs are too important to assume. Through close collaboration, reps know and understand what buyers are thinking. With a mutual action plan guiding reps through the buyer journey, sales leadership is confident their team is following process.

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Actionable insights for every stakeholder

Align on value Align on process Align on people
  • Align on value

    A mutual action plan differentiates you from the competition and builds credibility by showing you’re aligned with your buyer and their key strategic initiatives. Share customer key dates on the timeline to prevent deal slippage.

  • Align on process

    Simplify the buying process by laying out a clear path to customer value and give your champion an easy way to share key steps internally. At the same time, collaboration pressure tests their commitment to the deal.

  • Align on people

    Multithread with the buyer committee and compare their engagement to benchmarks to understand likelihood of success. Build credibility with the buyer, and simplify sales resource allocation and handover.

Your sales methodology, activated

Whether you’ve deployed MEDDIC, Value Selling, Corporate Visions, or something totally custom, the true test is whether sellers actually use the process. Embed your methodology into your mutual action plan templates for consistent high performance and quicker ramp times for new reps, with a roll up to enable the most productive deal inspections imaginable.

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I get calls where the customer will say ‘this is game changing’ because we’re showing them a proven path to success.

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