August 18, 2016

Why We Built Connect: Intelligent Messaging for Sales

Kurt Leafstrand

Kurt Leafstrand

Kurt Leafstrand
Kurt Leafstrand

VP Products, Clari

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At any given moment, the average sales rep is managing about 50 opportunities. Let’s say each  opportunity has about 10 tasks and involves a team of about three others. That brings you to 500 tasks and 150 communication streams — at least.

The average sales manager is responsible for 8-10 reps, all of whom are managing their 50 opportunities — so, helping guide 500 opportunities to close. What stands between opportunity and close? 

Thousands of tasks and deal-related conversations.

When you multiply these numbers by the size of a large sales organization, sprawled across territories and time zones, the result is an entirely different order of magnitude. It’s no wonder that deal progress and updates get lost in a sea of CRM data, email, iMessage, Slack, Gchat, Whatsapp, Chatter — just to name a few.  It takes a village to close a deal. Selling is a carefully choreographed team sport. When the right play at the right time determines the outcome of the game, there’s nothing more important than being in sync with your team. That’s why we built Clari Connect.

We began to feel the pain of communicating and collaborating on deals as our own team grew larger. Our primary focus has been on driving better deal management, pipeline inspection, and forecast accuracy through the Clari platform. After building our mobile and web applications, we realized the missing piece of the sales execution puzzle was a solution for real-time communication and collaboration that could run on data science.

What is Connect?

Connect is an intelligent, real-time messaging application fully integrated into the Clari platform  — very similar to the way that Facebook Messenger integrates with Facebook.

It’s designed with salespeople in mind. Think Slack for Sales. But rather than Slack’s general messaging, Connect organizes messages around what matters most to you and your team: your deals. You can create channels specific to deals, or initiate messages when viewing your deals or your forecast.

Through artificial intelligence and machine learning on email, calendar, and CRM data, Connect first understands which deals matter most to sales team members at every level of the organization, and then gives actionable insights to streamline communication and drive deals to close. We call this technology ClariBot, and it “chats” inside of your deal channels to keep everyone updated on deal progress, drive discussion, and remind the team to move the deal forward with next meetings. ClariBot never stops learning, so you can keep closing.

We’ve found incredible value in Connect and hope your team does as well. To learn more about Connect and the Clari platform, schedule a personalized demo for your team or join us for the Clari Connect webinar with Nutanix, one of our Connect customers, on September 8.

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